"My art is rooted in human experience and intuition. I aim to bring to my craft an authentic voice and a resonant presence. It is this intensity of inquiry and discovery as emotional imperative that is the driving force behind everything that I make. My duty is to tap this reservoir, to extract and distill from it and interpret such vestiges in archetypal and poetical form."


Claudia Flynn has a long-standing interest in the interface of art and the human journey. She utilizes metaphors derived from ancient alchemy to elucidate deep structures in the creative imagination. "Claudia Flynn’s art is deeply moving: transporting us as it were into the depths of the everyday world to reveal a dark and mysterious interior. Flynn’s work, often ritualistic in the ways that it transforms the objects she makes or finds, does not turn away from the world; on the contrary, it fully embraces the world and reconnects it with an inner life, a life of the soul,” notes essayist Paul J. Forte in ‘Realm of Shadows: the art of Claudia Flynn,’ from her 2015 Newport Art Museum exhibition catalog.  Mr. Forte continues to write "Carl Jung, who was adept at writing of the inner life with great poetic style, would no doubt recognize the soul-making work of an artist like Flynn. Claudia Flynn carries on in the venerable and mercurial tradition of Alchemy; unearthing through her eerie and elegant artworks a host of archetypal and mythical possibilities.


In this sense she might be thought of as a 'psychic archeologist,' probing for and distilling numinoustraces of the hinterland with the light of her intuition and then recovering through her art making imaginal artifacts that are otherworldly and yet somehow familiar." Flynn has participated in numerous exhibitions in the United States and internationally at Kashi Gallery in India, Galerie VP in France and at the Palazzetto Cenci in Italy. She received the Innovator's Program Award for Original Art in a Publication by the Johns Hopkins University Press. Flynn received a grant from the North Kingstown Arts Council and was awarded a Professional Artist Development Grant from the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts. She earned her BFA in Sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design and was a recipient of RISD's European Honors Program. In 2016, Flynn was inducted into the National Association of Women Artists, Inc., NYC Chapter.

In January of 2019, Flynn was a recipient of the Mystic Museum of Art’s Rudy Grunwald Award.  



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